This is where I dump random stuff I've made or compiled together...

DescriptionAdded On
Reference Docs for Useful Debuggers 8/2/2006
Four BSDs running under QEMU on my OS research box 9/5/2006
Duché : Dumps password hashes when TRU64 is in C2(ENHANCED) security mode 9/16/2006
Driver control command line script for Wehntrust IPS 10/12/2006
Symantec Revolution(We're giving you sweeeeet solutions), and lyrics 1/7/2007
Some commented sample code I wrote a long time ago explaining structs being passed as parameters in gcc 2/13/2007
How well do you know everbody's favorite buffer building C function? 3/17/2007
A handy script I use when manually auditing C/C++ code, makes using ctags with vim a breeze 3/23/2007
I use this script to convert an Excel spreadsheet that I keep my phone numbers in into a file that can be imported into Outlook 6/24/2007
Earlier this year I wrote a script called "Dump URL Handlers"(DUH!)
for my friends Billy and Nate so they could find lots of bugs :-)
How well do you know everbody's favorite input scanning/buffer building C function? 10/16/2007
Gaimtime: A really old exploit I wrote for (what was then called) Gaim chat/IM client.
My chosen attack vector is via SILC, it was a tricky exploit because of payload byte range limits,
UTF-8 encoding and return to heap stuff. It was written as an IRSSI plugin for easy use.
Random 8 char password:
perl -e 'open(F,"</dev/urandom");read(F,$f,256);$f=~s/[^\x30-\x7d]//g;print(substr($f,0,8));'
ruby -e 'puts"/dev/urandom",256).gsub(/[^\x30-\x7d]/,"")[0..7]'
hexdump -C /dev/urandom|head|cut -d '|' -f 2|tr -d '. \n'|colrm 9-
A Linux global hook for chmod() that helped me troubleshoot a systems problem I was having. 7/24/2008
My notes and ramblings which I eventually turned into... my presentation at OWASP conference 2008 9/25/2008
My chrome start-up command line:
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --disable-metrics --disable-databases
--disable-ipv6 --disable-sync --disable-sync-bookmarks --disable-nacl --disable-metrics-reporting --disable-java
Hip hop 2/9/2015